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You're completely right. You're quite right. CK
You're completely right! You're completely right. Dorenda
You are completely right. You're completely right. Dorenda
You're completely wrong. You are completely wrong. linguine
I am completely exhausted. I'm completely exhausted. CK
You are completely wrong. You are quite in the wrong.
It is completely natural for her to be mad. It is quite natural for her to get angry. CK
This may be pulao, but it's completely flavourless. This may be pilaf, but it's completely flavorless. FeuDRenais
Tom disregarded Mary's advice completely. Tom ignored all of Mary's warnings. CK
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Definition be completely forgotten

Auld Lang Syne
song begins by posing a rhetorical question: Is it right that old times be forgotten? The answer is generally interpreted as a call to remember long-standing[...]

Dreamboat Annie
Retrieved January 17, 2014. Shelley Siegel. "A Canadian Success Story Not To Be Forgotten". Retrieved April 4, 2011. "Deborah Shackleton". Retrieved[...]

Fatal Attraction
He helps her bandage the cuts and then leaves. He thinks the affair is forgotten, but she shows up at various places to see him. She waits at his office[...]