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Elizabeth was delighted. Elizabeth estava encantada. alexmarcelo
Tom and Mary are so delighted that they found an honest and capable painter. Tom e Maria estão muito alegres, pois encontraram um pintor honesto e competente. Laudemilson
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Definition delighted

Delighted (Persian: ارادتمند؛ نازنین، بهاره، تینا‎, romanized: Eradatmand) is an unreleased 2016 drama film written and directed by Abdolreza Kahani.[...]

All Delighted People
release. "All Delighted People EP". Bandcamp. Archived from the original on 21 August 2010. Retrieved August 21, 2010. "Reviews for All Delighted People EP[...]

Delighted by You
Delighted by You (Uzbek: Maftuningman, Мафтунингман; Russian: Очарован тобой) is a 1958 black-and-white Uzbek musical/comedy produced by Yoʻldosh Aʼzamov[...]