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Bogdan Tanevich resigned because of colon cancer. Богдан Таневич ушёл на пенсию из-за рака толстой кишки. corvard
Tom was diagnosed with colon cancer in October of 2013. В октябре 2013 года Тому поставили диагноз — рак кишечника. Wezel
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Definition colon

Colon usually refers to Colon (organ), the final section of the digestive system Colon (punctuation), ":" Colon may also refer to: Costa Rican colón, the[...]

Large intestine
ascending colon, the transverse colon, the descending colon, the sigmoid colon, and the rectum. Sections of the colon are: The ascending colon including[...]

Colon (punctuation)
The colon ( : ) is a punctuation mark consisting of two equally sized dots centered on the same vertical line. A colon precedes an explanation or an enumeration[...]