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That branch is the one that is falling. Esa rama está que se cae. umano
Which branch of the armed forces were you in? ¿En qué rama de las fuerzas armadas ha servido usted? cueyayotl
Ethics is a branch of philosophy. La ética es una rama de la filosofía. darinmex
We are the pioneers of this new branch of science. Somos los pioneros de esta nueva rama de la ciencia. marcelostockle
The birds placed a nest on a branch. Las aves pusieron un nido en una rama. marcelostockle
Ethics is a branch of philosophy that treats of human conduct. La ética es una rama de la filosofía que trata de la conducta humana. darinmex
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Definition branch

A branch, sometimes called a ramus in botany, is a stem that grows off from another stem, or when structures like veins in leaves are divided into smaller[...]

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