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I'm completely naked. Estoy completamente desnudo. marcelostockle
Tom understood it completely. Tom lo entendió completamente. marcelostockle
Tom was completely helpless. Tom estaba completamente desamparado. marcelostockle
He lived there completely alone. Él vivía allá por sí solo. ventana
It's completely crowded in there. Está repleto de gente allá adentro. alexmarcelo
You trust him completely. Tú confías por completo en él. tatoerique
The bus was completely full. El bus estaba totalmente repleto. marcelostockle
He's completely crazy. Él está completamente loco. Shishir
That man ruined them completely. Ese hombre los ha arruinado completamente. cueyayotl
I'm completely confused. Estoy completamente confundida. hayastan
It's completely normal. Es totalmente normal. Shishir
You're completely crazy. Estás completamente loco. hayastan
It is, once again, completely erroneous! ¡Está, una vez más, completamente erróneo! SrTortuga
He crushed the stone completely. Machacó la piedra completamente. cueyayotl
His carpet is completely white. Su alfombra es completamente blanca. mushashi
He has recovered completely and is now able to work again. Él se recuperó completamente y ya puede trabajar otra vez. marcelostockle
I cannot leave them completely alone in the shop. No los puedo dejar completamente solos en la tienda. don_ramon
I cannot leave them completely alone in the store. No los puedo dejar completamente solos en la tienda. don_ramon
This dictionary is completely useless. Este diccionario es totalmente inútil. Shishir
I felt completely out of my element. Me sentía completamente fuera de lugar. Shishir
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