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Esque tu vole manjar?

Esque tu vole manjar? - Do you want to eat?

Other similar sentences:

interlingue english Autor
Esque tu vole manjar? Do you want to eat? marloncori
Tom vole manjar con noi. Tom wants to eat with us. CK
Hodie tu posse manjar tam mult quam tu vole. Today you can eat as much as you want. AlanF_US
Esque tu vole té o café? Do you want tea or coffee? Wuzzy
Esque tu vole ir a skiar? Do you feel like going skiing? allenmanbear
Esque it es to quo to vole audir? Is that what you want to hear? CK
Esque tu vole espaventar me? Are you trying to scare me? CK
Esque tu vole luder? Do you want to play? CK
Esque tu vole auxiliar? Do you want to help? CK
Esque tu vole un bibita? Do you want a drink? CK
Esque tu vole que io appella un taxi? Should I call you a cab? CK