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Guete Morge!

Guete Morge! - Good morning!

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Guete Morge! Good morning! YURY0608
En Guete! Have a nice meal! Djef_Messaoudi
Me esos ibe morge. I will be there tomorrow. CK
La judicio eventos morge. Judgement will be given tomorrow. szaby78
Tom ne volas laborar morge. Tom doesn't want to work tomorrow. CK
Vartez til morge matine. Wait until tomorrow morning. CK
Forsan pluvos morge. Perhaps it will rain tomorrow. CK
Ni cesez nun e durez morge. Let's quit here and continue tomorrow. CK
Ka me darfas telefonar tu morge? May I call you tomorrow? CK
Ka vu esos libera morge? Are you free tomorrow? CK
Me ne iros se morge pluvos. If it rains tomorrow, I won't go. CK