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Sus leat rukses lieđit.

Sus leat rukses lieđit. - She has red flowers.

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Sus leat rukses lieđit. She has red flowers.
Mar sin leat! See you later! Kazune
Gii don leat? Who are you? yorickvidal
Níl mé ag áiteamh leat. I'm not arguing with you. CK
Díolaim seo leat. I sell this to you. cntrational
Cén bia is fearr leat? Which food do you prefer? CM
Cé acu is fearr leat? Which one do you prefer? lukaszpp
Labhraím leat. I talk to you. cntrational
Ar mhaith leat dul ag rince? Would you like to go dancing? CK
Is féidir leat teacht. You can come. darinmex
Cad é an focal is fearr leat? What is your favourite word? turklehceleri
Táim i ngrá leat. I love you. awael58
Cén bhean a bhí ag caint leat? Which woman was talking to you? CM
Cén nuachtán ab fhearr leat? Which newspaper would you prefer? CM
Buailfidh mé leat amárach. I'll meet you tomorrow. CK